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Light grey 100% cotton cap with lemon yellow front embroidery. The cap blanks were produced in Bangladesh and embroidered in Germany, all under fair conditions.


10% of the proceeds will be donated to Lesvos Solidarity - an initiative that started hosting refugees on the site of Pikpa camp in Greece. Pikpa camp was a plea for inclusion and integration of refugees in local society, for active participation.

At a time when a new, inhumane camp was re-constructed in Lesvos after a huge fire destroyed  Moria  camp, all dignified alternatives for accommodating refugees are under attack. The Greek minister for Asylum announced that the government will close Pikpa camp by the end of October.

Pikpa  camp is an open, community-run place where some of the most vulnerable refugees in the island are hosted. For years, many actors have come together in  Pikpa  camp to support some of the most vulnerable people in the island. 


Please visit Lesvos Solidarity instagram and website for more information: