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COVER: Alexandra Statache by Robert Antoniac

The pages of this 5th issue 'to be free' respond to a new awareness of liberty in an attempt to explore what it means ‘to be free’ at this point in time. Floating between naive utopianism and dead ends, we hope this issue somehow holds a promise that perhaps we will be born anew — in the right place at the right time:

Artist and photographer Sasha Kurmaz bluntly captures images of random fragments of his quotidian surroundings in (pre-invasion) Ukraine that provoke a piercing discomfort seen from a present lens.

In our conversation with Düzen Tekkal, a German human rights activist, journalist and filmmaker of Kurdish-Yazidi descent, we learn about confronting things ‘they’ told us to ignore. She asks us to consider how walking the path between individual freedom on one side and family and collective on the other can guide us closer to the truth and keep our intentions in check.

For the artist Petrit Halilaj, exploring identity and our perception of reality lies in the possibility of creating a third space where his objects are freed from their familiar history by imbuing them with new forms of life.

It is not just fiction that holds a different standard of truth but also technological advances that bend its perceptions: Viktor Kewenig connects the dots between algorithmic bubbles while writer Nada Alić exposes all our misguided attempts at a connection in her witty, dark, vulnerable, sharp-edged, weird short story Daddy’s Girl.


10% of the proceeds will be donated to Háwar.Help – an initiative that supports displaced and threatened women regardless of their origin and religion and creates opportunities for female self-determination especially in Germany and Iraq. 

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